Adam's Temptation

The Coconut Collaborative

So, one day, half-witted Adam goes for a stroll and ends up being mesmerized by a flirtatious snake. It’s easily done.

Alas, fear not! Cos when Eve comes along and gets her… wait… yog out?! THAT temptation trumps (remember him?) sexy snake and everyone’s a winner! Turns out you can eat this yog too.

We were asked by Rob Nielsen at Big Fish to inject our usual fun into the direction, for this Coconut Collaborative animated ad, and we also wanted to capture the same spontaneity and naivety as the illustration that came before us, so we approached the animation in a similar way. We added very human and low-fi sound effects too, which overall results in quite a charming and humorous commercial.


Director: Morgan Powell & Neil Kidney @ Seed
Executive Producer: Neil Kidney
Producer: Viki Bebok
Production Company: Seed Animation Studio
Animator: Pedro Vargas
SFX: Jungle Studios
Voiceover: Anna Chancellor

Client: The Coconut Collaborative
Agency: Big Fish
Agency Producer: Spru Rowland
Creative Director: Rob Nielsen