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Gas Networks Ireland

Progress Naturally

Watch our man Dan introduce us to renewable gas as he strolls through glorious Irish countryside, quaint Irish villages and fresh Irish pastures… luckily for him and everything in his papercraft animation world, it’s not raining.

The very lovely creative genius Hattie Newman built pretty much every prop in this film for Gas Networks Ireland using her signature paper style, for real, before we ‘digitalized’ them. We got intimately familiar with all the different types of paper, folds, cuts, tears, bends, creases, wrinkles, crumples and then we replicated all of Hattie’s genius in the world of CGI.

Why on earth did we go to such great lengths to build this papercraft world in CG? Simples. Maximum flexibility. Clients love to change things. All the time. So this way we have control of, well, everything, right up to the day of delivery. No putting all our eggs in the basket of a complex-as-feck, 1 shot, 40” stop motion shoot.

Directed by Hattie and animation directed by us, produced through BlinkInk and the agency was Rothco.



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