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Fresh AIR

Discovery by Inari

Discovery is an Inari Sirola film that we commissioned through our pilot scheme called Fresh AIR – an Artist In Residence scheme that invites emerging animators to create a short film based on a one-word brief, ‘Discovery’. Fresh AIR aims to provide new artists with a platform to explore a theme, while working in a nurturing environment. The films are intended to reflect that creative freedom.

Incorporating Inari’s trademark style and intriguing outlook on life, her film peels all the flimflam off toxic masculinity and reveals the bare reality behind it.

Without saying more, read Morgan’s (CD) interview with her below.

MP: Thanks for staying with us a while!
IS: You are welcome… don’t be silly, thank you so much for having me. Had a blast!

MP: If you were selling your animation services (like you’re writing an ad for a hot date in the classifieds), what 4 key points would you make bold, in order to find your perfect mate?
IS: – You want fun?
– You want gross?
– Yet sharp and smart?
– Call me. Now. Lets meet and have some cheap beers together and talk.

MP: What (the hell) was going through your mind when you came up with the idea?
IS: The brief was ‘Discovery’. I think that’s enough said, no?
I thoroughly thought through what discovery means to me and what is intriguing about discoveries. I’m very much into deep thinking and analysis of people and behaviors, so I think discovering someone’s deepest secret is most intriguing. Why? Because we all have secrets we never share, and hiding something is what we all unfortunately relate to. We all have that shiny exterior, to a point, but only sometimes we expose the slimy messy inside to others. And when that slimy mess pops, what we then find is that the only thing we all really want is inner peace. And to be naked. All the time. Always.
Character wise – It was also important for me to make a male character and to create this extreme toxic masculinity persona and see what’s hidden inside. This is a topic that is now raising and I think is important to question and discuss.

MP: There seems to be a growing trend for grotesque animation coming from a very sweet pocket of animation ladies. Is there something society needs to know?
IS: Great question. Women have also always been gross, funny and grotesque. I have always drawn weird looking creatures and grotesque illustrations and never associated myself as ‘cute’ or ‘light’ – whatever those even mean. There have been so many occasions where clients or people online have assumed I’m a guy. I don’t mind nor care, but I think it’s very interesting. Don’t you? What is the invisible expectation? Oh my, what is the discovery…

MP: What’s next for Inari?
IS: Only the gods will know. What I do know is that I’m finishing my MA at Royal College of Art in 2020 which means making my MA short film. I’m currently in Kyoto, Japan on an exchange, breathing in all the creepy, beautiful, off-beat vibes. Lets see what that will bring, if anything, and keep your eyes peeled for more grotesque, deep thinking and possibly funny crap!


Commissioned and produced by Seed Animation
Animation director: Inari Sirola
Sound designer: Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen
Music: Natalia Tsupryk