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We have an ongoing relationship with Amazon and have been producing their explainer animations, which involve 5 min films in different languages.
Amazon have an internal department that handles their business to seller films, but as the need for content grows, their department is growing so fast it became apparent that they would need some outside help to create some premium quality content, that remained on brand.

Amazon have an online hub called Seller Central, and a ‘How To’ area called Seller Central University. Amazon has the need to create up to date content for new sellers to help them navigate through the latest version of their site. For each seller there are stringent rules to follow to be considered an Amazon Marketplace Seller, and so these videos are vital- they are the first point of call for sellers to understand the undertaking in front of them.

For this project we produced 3 different language versions for 9 different videos. Along the way, as per a prescribed schedule, we deliver work-in-progresses so all the stakeholders can monitor progress and give feedback.


Seed Animation Studio