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Grayling, the global PR and public affairs agency offers award-winning and industry-leading services helping brands to engage with their audience. To integrate SEO in their existing PR activity, Grayling has recently launched their proprietary technology called GCore.

GCore is a tool that can take control of a brand’s Google Search presence. Grayling required an engaging video that clarifies both how search engines work and also explains how GCore fits in to that, and how it can build a positive brand experience, for both internal and external audiences.

Even though Grayling has presented a script to us, they remained flexible and open to ideas. As the web gets more populated with quick and cheap explainer videos, we usually suggest an alternative visual approach, that will evoke more feeling than the usual. We suggested a more abstract take on the topic, which used symbols and movement to portray positive and negative emotion.

This was a creative leap for the agency, and so we made sure we regularly updated the stakeholders.


Seed Animation Studio