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Bad Brain Game Studios

Free Your Brain!

There’s been a boom of new gaming studios recently, and some are seemingly jumping on the bandwagon of a buzzword enhanced quick buck.

Crypto this, Children’s NFT Casino that…They are games that don’t put the gamer central to the game. This recent flooding of new studios also means that top quality artists can be trapped in dead end jobs, and therefore more difficult to recruit.

Our traditionally animated film tells the story of group of jaded developers who reach breaking point in their job, and their brains go on a violent, yet comedic, rampage in an effort to be free from tyranny.

In collaboration with Bad Brain, the animated film was written, directed and produced at Seed, in the guise of an adult animated series you’d expect to watch on Adult Swim, or some dark, hidden corner of Netflix.

With thanks to Sean, Anthony, Kyle and Guillaume at Bad Brain for encouraging us to be this ridiculous, and to the super stellar line up of animators, artists and musicians- we all certainly freed our usual ‘ad- refined’ brains when we were putting this animated film together.

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Director – Seed Animation Studio
Creative Director & Writer – Morgan Powell
Executive Producer – Neil Kidney
Producer – Rebecca Hardess
Art Director & Character Design – Hugo Cuellar
Background Design – Hugo Cuellar, Anh Cao
Storyboard – Matt Landour

Charlie Lane-Bush
Nicky Francis
Giulia Frixione
Bishoy Gendi
Campbell Hartley
Thomas Knowler
Peter Lowey
Inari Sirola
Emmanuelle Walker
Hannah Lau-Walker

Clean up
Joe Cheng
Peter Chownsmith
Harry Davidson
Elpida Fousteri
Itziar Ortiz González
Jamie Hobbs
Daisy Mojave Holland
Maria Morris
Hannah O’Brien
Lily Shaul
Richard Smithson
Saffron Arden-Sodje
Eben Sullivan
Sophia Sycamore
Moises Warlei
Ada Wikdahl

Editor and Compositor – Morgan Powell

Gilroy and Male Characters (English) – Michael Kaplan
Gilroy and Male Characters (French Canadian) – Maxime Gaudreau
Female Characters – Kaitlin Burke

Audio Post Production
Sound Supervisor & Mixer – Jake Roberts
Sound Design – Cécile Janet
Foley Artist – Claudia Casasola
Audio Post Producer – Nicola Lacey
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Julian Guidetti