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Where I Belong

We recently created a short animated film for lifestyle brand Fatface, to announce the launch of its festive campaign called ‘Where I Belong – A Stevie Story’.

The campaign celebrates the feeling of joy and belonging that many associate with the festive period – whether this is found in the faces of friends and family, in old (and new) traditions or in a meaningful place or moment. FatFace believes that everyone deserves to find that place – whatever it may look like.

The traditionally animated film follows Stevie the Sheep – the star of FatFace’s collaboration with Shelter, as he travels far and wide in search of a home, where he encounters new challenges and friendships along the way. The emotive film concludes with a powerful message that highlights the current housing crisis and everyone’s right to a home. 10% of each FatFace x Shelter item sold is donated to the charity.

“While we focused on telling an emotional story about an empathetic character searching for a home, we were mindful of Fatface’s rugged, outdoorsy, and adventurous brand. To strike the right balance, we peppered the film with moments of natural beauty, while the overarching story is one of longing.” said Morgan Powell, Creative Director at Seed.

We initially developed the screenplay for this FatFace animation, and then character designs and music, before production started in July and lasted for 3 months with a team of 21 artists.    

In contrast to other films we have made, we love turning the dial between humour and charm




Director – Seed Animation Studio
Creative Director/ Screenwriter – Morgan Powell
Executive Producer – Neil Kidney
Producer – Rebecca Hardess
Background Design – Hugo Cuellar
Character Design – Louis Roskosch
Storyboard – Nathan

Freddie Elsom
Giulia Frixone
Elouise Garlick
Ilaina Lowe

Clean up
Peter Chownsmith
Itziar Ortiz González
Jamie Hobbs
Daisy Mojave Holland
Hannah O’Brien
Richard Smithson
Saffron Arden-Sodje
Ada Wikdahl

Editor and Compositor – Morgan Powell, Neil Kidney

Music – Box of Toys Studio