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Clipper Tea

There's Tea, Then There's Good Tea

You can forget what you think you know about the birds and the bees, cos theeese frisky fellas love a steaming hot cup o’ Clipper. We mixed wildlife footage, with sipping skills and catchy rhythms, to create one big tea party.

Through the fun guys at Isobel agency, we made a series of 30s, 20s, 15s and 6s Clipper Tea animations, for TV streaming and online. 

We used a similar treatment to our work for Soreen, where we animated limbs and facial elements on top of the live action to inject character and help drive the humour.


Director Seed Animation Studio
Creative Director Morgan Powell
Executive Producer Neil Kidney
Producer Rebecca Hardess
Hugo Cuellar
Thomas Bryson-King
Freddie Elsom
Giulia Frixione
Thomas Knowler
Josep Bernaus Valls
Daisy Mojave Holland
Editor and Compositor
Neil Kidney