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Likely Loans

Financial Shape

Likely Loans came to us directly asking for some playful commercials to air on TV.

They provide loans for those that can’t get bank loans, and their repayment terms are more favourable than the payday loan companies currently operating.

Likely Loans have a key phrase that encapsulates what they offer- loans for all shapes and sizes. And so we wrote a script around this phrase that played on both financial shape and physical shape. Simple shapes for characters, and the gym setting was a great backdrop for that.

While the voice over was doing most of the heavy lifting from a message point of view, we wanted to add humour around the shapes themselves and the setting that they are in.

One of the most intense animation discussions was based around how much swing Circle’s little fella should have.


Written, directed and produced by Seed

Directed by Morgan Powell, Neil Kidney
Designed by Bianca Beneducci Assad
Animation by Bianca Beneducci Assad, Lior Wolff
Voiced by David Carling, Harriet Carmichael